Tips To Avoid Letting Your Emotions Take A Bite Out of Your Budget

Here are some tips I found googling "emotional spending" from Tips To Avoid Letting Your Emotions Take A Bite Out of Your Budget 

Resist Buying On Impulse: Just as impulse eating will destroy your waistline in no time, impulse spending will destroy your budget. Most impulse purchases are “great deals” you hadn’t expected to find—such as a piece of clothing you bought on sale, only to get it home and ask yourself, “What was I thinking?” Before you buy, be honest and ask yourself: Why do I (or my kids) really want this? Will it be useful? Are you buying it because it makes you/them feel better? (You know…shopping therapy.) If the item is something you want rather than need, perhaps you should wait until you’ve thought about it some more. Another way to avoid this problem is to make a list and anticipate how much cash you will need and leave your credit cards at home.

Get On Track: Just as any good weight loss program requires you to know and acknowledge what you are putting in your mouth on a daily basis, unless you know what you are spending your money on, you will never get a handle on your finances. Start by logging your purchases, however seemingly insignificant, in a notebook. Next time you are short on cash, look in the notebook and see where your money is really went, then re-adjust your priorities from there.

Set Aside Money, Just For Fun: We all love sweets—by allowing ourselves a small treat occasionally; we won’t feel deprived or find ourselves wanting the whole cake. Each week set a few dollars aside—maybe for that special pair of earrings you’ve had your eyes on.

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