ACT Starter Pack

I've gathered a nice collection of forms and presentations in my many hours of reviewing and studying the available ACT material. I've included some material on working with couples, though there is an abundance of material on using ACT with a variety of mental health concerns.

I've developed the Couples assessment form. These other materials are available at the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy website. You do have to join the ACBS in order to have unlimited access to these files. Dues are values-based, consistent with the ACT philosphy, and so you pay what you think it's worth. Jason Luomo has material freely available at his website including client worksheets here. Jason is a clinical psychologist and grant funded researcher in Acceptance and Commitment therapy. His website is well worth the visit.

I plan to include direct links to these files, and in the mean time, I'm happy to email you an ACT Starter Pack of your own. Just send me an email with "ACT Starter Pack" in the subject, and I can get that directly to you.
  • act-couplesv4-harris.ppt (333K)
  • ACT Core Competency Self-Rating form from Learning ACT.pdf (61K)
  • Valued Directions Worksheet-Ch9.pdf (79K)
  • VLQ+working+manual+v1-15-08.pdf (875K)
  • 2007 - Advanced ACT Workshop Handout Russ Harris.pdf (329K)
  • Couples Assessment Form.pdf (141K)
  • ACT+Core+Competency+Session+Rating.pdf (117K)
As always, let me know how I can help you connect with more ACT resources and the ACT professional community.