Helpful Handouts and Homework Exercises

These materials have been developed by my colleague, John Flannagan, LCSW. I found that my clients respond positively to this homework. Clients tell me these help them to develop coping skills and track their progress in therapy.

These are and other worksheets are available at John's website, John has been in practice for thirty-five years. He currently specializes primarily in working with adults who experienced traumatic abuse or neglect as children.

I ask my clients to start with keeping a therapy notebook. Sometime focussed journaling can be more helpful.

As part of the assessment process I typically ask clients to complete a timeline. This is particularly helpful in identifying significant events and milestones in an indidivual's life, and can reveal patterns or unresolved trauma that may be contributing to anxiety or depression.

Sometimes it's just helpful to have some ideas in order to help feel better in the moment, or to describe more accurately what we are thinking or feeling.

This is a structured format for couples to help them practice communicating with each other, spend time together and learn more about each other.