Divorce is Difficult, It Doesn't Have to be Devastating. I Can Help You and Your Family Recover.

I have been helping individuals and families through separation and divorce since 1993. I can help you and your family work out the uncertainty and disorder that comes when a marriage is ended. I can help you reestablished a sense of safety, structure,and order.

When you have your first appointments, whether at your home or my office, I will meet with all members of the family. I will help you all identify the key issues and we will begin to design a plan of action to swiftly and fairly address those issues. I will set up a series of sessions where we will meet individually and as a group, and we will review strategies and progress, identify barriers and target specific behaviors to reduce the distress and uncertainties related to the divorce.

Call today to learn how I can help you get through this difficult time with a minimal amount of disruption.