Happiness Monologue: A Talking Exercise

I'm taking the 8 week online Happiness Course, and you can follow along on my twitter feed here. The instructions for Happiness Monologue exercise are very brief. Just talk for 10 minutes about happiness. It's better if you find someone to talk to, and then take a turn listening. This is an exercise in honesty, not in trying to come up with the right answer. After all, there is no "right" answer, when you become honest, you'll discover that there are many "right" answers. I've posted my Happiness Monologue here.

When you do this yourself, you can talk for 10 minutes into a tape recorder, or you can call in to a voice mailbox (here), or you can just go for a nice walk and just talk out loud for 10 minutes about happiness. After you've done this exercise, ask yourself, or share with your partner, "How did that feel?" "What was that like for you?" You may be surprised at what you discover. I just completed my happiness monologue, and you can listen to it below.

Whether you do this with someone, or by yourself, Robert Holden recommends three questions to be sure to ask.
  • What is the main lesson you learned about yourself and your relationship to happiness by doing "The Happiness Monologue?"
  • What was the most truthful thing you said?
  • Is there anything else you wish you had said?
Take a listen to my Happiness Monologue posted below, or download it and listen to it on your way home tonight. After you've listened, call my anonymous voice mail box and give me your feedback, or leave your own happiness monologue I can share with others.

"The purpose of our lives is to be happy." ~Dalai Lama.   
Download the mp3 here
Leave your own Happiness Monologue here.

Photo source: jaymiek