Six Ways to Manage your Fear of Flying

Below is a video clip from which outlines some of the more common techniques for overcoming the fear of flying.

Flying is often an anxious experience for the average person, so it’s understandable that it poses a difficult challenge for a person with high anxiety and frequent panic attacks. Getting into an airplane and strapping ourselves in can activate fears across a number of domains. We may not be dealing with simply a fear of flying, we may be dealing with a fear of heights, of going too fast, of being trapped in a closed space, or perhaps what might be the most common fear, the fear of not being in control of the situation. The possibility of a number of fears can make the fear of flying a difficult condition to treat. Yet, regardless of the specific reasons that people fear flying, when they finally decide to face their fear and get some help, most of them are able to achieve success.

Some of the more common techniques for overcoming the fear of flying include:
  • getting a good rest before your departure
  • organize your departure so that you giving yourself plenty of time to get to the airport get through security, check your bags, etc
  • As you board the airplane, reaffirm the fact that should the anxiety manifest itself, it won’t damage you.
  • request a short meeting with the pilot during boarding to share your anxiety and that you'll be making efforts to manage it
  • allow yourself to feel your anxiety as you are in your seat waiting for the plane to take off, accept and feel the anxiety rather than trying to fight it or make it go away
  • remember to regulate your breathing, that is, use techniques the keep your breathing even, smooth, and full

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