Approximately 60.9 million American adults have a mood or anxiety disorder

Many of that 60.9 million go untreated most of their lives. Serious mental illnesses (SMIs), which afflict about 6% of American adults, cost society $193.2 billion in lost earnings per year, according to findings published in this month's American Journal of Psychiatry, as reported by Time magazine.

The article reports that surveying data from nearly 5,000 participants, researchers determined that people suffering from a SMI — defined as a range of mood and anxiety disorders, including suicidal tendencies, that significantly impaired a person's ability to function for at least 30 days over the past year — earned at least 40% less than people in good mental health.

More than one in four American adults suffers from shorter-term, but clinically diagnosable mental disorders in a given year — including depression or an eating disorder — and such disorders are the leading cause of disability among U.S. workers under age 45. In 2005, research has shown that 60% of Americans with a mental disorder got no treatment for their ailment at all.

One longtime barrier to psychiatric care has been reluctance by insurance companies to consider mental illnesses on par with physical ones and thus not pay as well to treat them. Only 6.2% of current U.S. health care spending is devoted to the treatment of mental disorders. Treatment does improve a person's ability to manage depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. Many employees have an Employee Assistance benefit which allows them to see a licensed mental health therapist at no cost to the employee. These meetings can be helpful in giving the employee an opportunity to experience some of the benefits of therapy.

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