Hearing Compliments Makes Us Feel Better

Dan Ariely has posted a fun, new app for the iPhone called At a boy! It's completely free. Dan is a behavioral economist and author of "Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions". It might be useful for your relationship!
Dan's idea is that people, being sensitive to rude comments, get a remarkable boost from hearing (or reading) kind words, even if they are just random.

Here, for example, is a compliment that a French-speaking user of our app submitted (if you can please submit compliments also in English).

From Dan's blog, HOW TO USE: when you open the app you get a compliment and if you want a new one simply tap the screen. To get a new compliment, simply tap the screen. I do want to encourage you to use the thumbs up/down to let me know which compliments make you feel the best — this way we will be able to figure out what kinds of compliments work better and worse.

Dan Ariely's blog, Irrationally Yours

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