Goals of CBT, DBT, ACT and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapies

  • To become familiar with the workings of your mind
  • To teach you to more quickly recognize when you are in distress, and to take action to soothe yourself in a real way to help you avoid downward mood spirals.
  • To notice the times when you are at risk of getting caught up in the negative thinking that initiates downward mood spirals
  • To explore ways of responding thoughtfully to those old habits and, if you choose, practicing learning to know yourself and the world in a more compassionate and kind way
  • To notice small beauties and pleasures in the world around you instead of living in your head
  • To be kind to yourself instead of wishing your life or things around you were different, or driving yourself to meet impossible goals
  • To find a way so you don’t have to battle with yourself all the time
  • To accept yourself as you are, and to feel safe and secure with who you are.

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