Your Pre-Scripted Voice Mail Coaching

This is an example of a pre-recorded prompt I use when I am coaching my clients on learning anxiety and stress management tips. Phone scripts work better for some people because they can be updated and revised quickly. No downloading, you don't have to be near a computer. Just call and get your updated script instantly.

This script coaches your through relaxation breathing. When you call, no one will pick up. You will just hear the script. If you'd like to leave a message you may. If you'd like to be anonymous, just click "Keep number private" when you click on the widget below.

Feel free to use this script as often as you'd like. If you'd like to talk about how I can help you with customized voice mail scripts just leave me a message on this line. Your feedback is welcome too.

When you click and enter your number, google voice will call you and prompt you to press 1 to dial me. You will go directly to this voice mail, no one will pick up the call. 

I will never call you unsolicited, and I will never sell or trade your phone number. Thanks very much for coming on by.  phone: 503.345.3370 | email