Relationship, Work, Stress Problems Improve by Managing Anger

Relationship problems are just one of the consequences of a poorly controlled temper. Other consequences include alienation, isolation, loss of job or promotion, property damage or legal problems.

Anger is a killing thing: It kills the man who angers, for each rage leaves him less than he had been before. It takes something from him.
-Louis L'Amour, famous Western novelist

Expressing anger and feeling anger is not, by itself, good or bad, harmful or helpful. But a healthy expression of anger should not contribute to problems in your life. You should seriously consider anger management counseling, or an anger management class if
  • You can scold or yell at your family over slight things and for married individuals they are usually at war with their partners.
  • You can get easily irritated by people who don't agree with you.
  • You are often disagreeable with other people even they are justifying their actions.
  • You don't like socializing with other individuals even with your officemates and can see minor errors in them and tend to blow it out of proportion.
  • People who know you don't like talking to you even for a minute and will try to avoid you as they can possibly can.
  • You are always in trouble either with other individuals, with the law and sometimes even with yourself because you realize that you are such a 'pain' in your society.
You Can Get Help for Your Anger Problem
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based treatments have emerged as the most common approaches to anger management. Mindfulness training helps you become better aware of your triggers, to be able to "see" yourself becoming angry before the anger actually surfaces into behavior. CBT gives you the skills to reframe the thoughts and feelings that feed the fire of rage kindling inside of you. "I can let this pass." "I know this person is not out to get me." "I can make sure I am heard and listened to if I just wait." "I can take some breathes and take a break if I need to." Practicing meditation, using 8 to 12 minutes audio scripts has shown many proven benefits for anger management and emotional awareness and self control in general.

Learn About Your Treatment Options

My name is Dave Ebaugh. I've been helping people in the Portland, Oregon area with anger management problems for over 20 years. If you've tried an anger management class or anger management counseling and it didn't help, or if you don't think counseling can help you, I encourage you to call me or use the form below.